Power BI

Use Power BI to connect to and visualize any data and seamlessly infuse visuals into the apps you use every day.

Power BI- Course Objectives

Power BI is a business analytics solution that lets you visualize your data and share insights across your organization. It also allows you to embed them in your app or website. This two day course is designed to familiarise the inexperienced user with the basic concepts of Power BI and its business uses.


Power BI – Course Contents

Day 1

What is Power BI

Power BI Components, Power BI Features, Visualisations, Power BI Filters, Reports and Dashboards

Connecting to Data

Load a Spreadsheet, Remove a Data Sheet, Create Your First Visualisation

Adding Visualisations

Brand / Country Analysis

Format Visualisations

Change Colours for Data and Background.  Change Text Colours


Rules for Relationships, Simple Relationship Diagram, Idealised Relationship Structure, Create a Table, Create a Relationship, Fixing the Pie Chart, Direct Relationships

Taking it Online

Publish the Current Report, Online Features

Report Pages

Rename a Page, Add a Page, Delete a Page, Create a Map, Create a Slicer, Adjust the Currency Formatting


Set Visualisation Level Filter, Set Page Level Filter, Report Level Filters, Drill through Filters

Adding columns

Calculated, Conditional

Adding a Measure

Calculate Average Total Cost, Using This Measure

Connecting to Data

Loading a CSV File

Using the KPI Feature

Create a KPI, KPI Options, KPI Alternative Visualisations, Market Place KPI Visualisations

Conditional Formatting

Creating a Table with Conditional Formatting

Some More DAX



Day 2

Introducing DAX and Computations in Power BI      

Importing Data and Creating a Simple Report

Applying Conditional Formats

Computed Columns

Creating Measures

Grouping Data

Creating KPIs

Creating Conditional Columns

Modelling Data


Creating A Data Pivot

Create a Calculated Table

Importing Data via Database Query

Three More DAX Templates

Improving Reports and Outputs Use of Demonstration Data        

Working with Multiple Report Pages

Adding Graphics to Reports

Export to CSV

Export to Excel

Export to PowerPoint

Power BI Templates

Power BI Apps

Power BI- Course Details         

This is a two day day company specific course running from 9:30 am – 4:00 pm. Courses run in Swansea, on-site and online. Please email for further information.


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