ICDL Advanced

ICDL Advanced builds on the skills developed in ICDL Extra and allows learners to progress and develop their expertise and skills to support workplace demands. 

ICDL Advanced Level 3 Qualification

This advanced qualification is based on the ICDL task-based model and tests an individual’s competence at a much higher level with particular applications. This is a modular qualification. Candidates achieve a certificate for successfully passing the test for each module. ICDL Advanced can be delivered as individual unit qualifications or all the units to achieve a larger qualification.

The qualification is suitable for people using technology:

  • at work – upskilling / retraining to become a department expert
  • in education – students
  • returners to work
  • job seekers
  • personal career development

ICDL Advanced Word Processing, Spreadsheets, Database, Presentation and Improving Productivity modules are currently available in the UK.  Delegates should contact Computeraid to discuss training and testing options.

Tests last for one hour and are delivered online in a registered testing centre.

For further information and testing dates please contact [email protected].


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