Flexible ITQ level 2

ICDL is now available as a flexible ITQ level 2 qualification enabling you to build qualifications around your needs.

Select the relevant modules to create a tailored solution.

Flexible ITQ level 2 Qualifications Details

Level 2 Modules

Word processing
Develops the learner’s ability to create word-processed documents: entering text, editing and formatting work, using graphs, tables and pictures for a professional finish, and effectively using tools such as the spell-checker and mail merge.

Spreadsheet software
Helps the learner develop a working knowledge of spreadsheets, from entering data and formatting worksheets, to creating charts and producing high-quality documents.

Presentation software
Shows the learner how to produce high-quality presentations using a variety of tools including charts, graphs and drawn objects.

Database software
Looks at creating and modifying tables, queries, forms and reports, and preparing outputs ready for distribution, as well as learning to relate tables and retrieve and manipulate information using query and sort tools.

Improving productivity using IT
Enables the learner to work more effectively with IT. This unit looks at using tools to save time and effort when producing word processed documents, presentations and spreadsheets.

Project management software
Shows learners how to use a wide range of project management software tools and techniques to input and edit information to support the planning and management of projects.

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