Terms & Conditions

Please make sure you accept Computeraid’s Terms & Conditions before completing your booking.


Reservations & Payment Terms:– No reservations can be guaranteed unless a formal booking in writing has first been made to Computeraid, with full payment in advance for the training programme requested, albeit certain agreements may be made between Computeraid and the individual or company concerned regarding alternative payment terms.  All courses are subject to VAT.  Computeraid reserves the right to levy interest on outstanding payments of over 30 days.

Course Cancellation by Computeraid:- Computeraid reserves the right to cancel any course at any time at its own discretion.  The extent of its liability in such instances is limited to the offering of a full refund to any company or individual who has booked on (and paid for) the course, or to offer a suitable alternative date.

Course Cancellation or Postponement by the Client:- In line with normal business practice and to ensure coverage of our administrative overheads Computeraid reserves the right to apply charges for postponement or cancellation of courses.

Postponement More than 10 working days Charge waived
6-10 working days £35
2-5 working days £55
Working day before or same day Full Course price
Cancellation More than 10 working days Charge waived
6-10 working days £45
2-5 working days £65
Working day before or same day Full Course Price

Working days are considered to be Monday – Friday from 9am to 5pm.

These fees are levied to reflect the added administration costs incurred in re-arranging the course and/or loss of revenue incurred by Computeraid under such circumstances.

Delegate Numbers – Private Training Courses:- For private training courses, our rates are banded according to group numbers.  The appropriate rate will be quoted at the time of booking.  Once this booking has been confirmed by Computeraid, any offer of an appropriate reduction for lower numbers will only be made at Computeraid’s discretion, but in any event not with less than 10 working days’ notice prior to the course.

Lunches:-  For private training courses where lunches have been requested by a client, the numbers must be confirmed at the time of booking.  We regrettably cannot accommodate changes in numbers for lunches (and subsequent credits) with less than 5 working days’ notice.

Copyright:- Copyright and intellectual property rights on courses run by Computeraid will remain the property of the company.  Attendees taking Computeraid courses and who have been given such course materials, e.g. manuals, specialist training documentation, etc. agree not to reproduce, sell or hire such material and to use it only for personal reference purposes.

Courseware:- Whilst Computeraid makes every attempt to ensure that the accuracy and general content, layout, etc. of its manuals and materials are of the highest standard, the company cannot accept liability for any consequential loss, damage, loss of data, etc. alleged to have resulted from using such materials.  The extent of any damage accepted by Computeraid under any circumstances will be limited to the amount of related course fees paid by an organisation or individual.

Company Regulations:- Those attending Computeraid courses undertake to comply with any reasonable Computeraid request in relation to any rules or regulations that might apply at premises where courses take place.  This, for instance, could relate to car-parking, smoking and eating/drinking restrictions, entry and exit requirements and other generally-accepted yardsticks which may exist at such facilities.

Loss or Damage:-  Computeraid cannot accept any liability for loss or damage, howsoever incurred, to persons or their belongings whilst on a Computeraid course.

Confidentiality:-  All attendees on Computeraid courses accept that, unless stated otherwise, information relating to course content or any other matter, whether in electronic or conventional written format, will remain the property of Computeraid and must not be removed from the training premises.

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