Advanced PowerPoint – PowerPoint level 2

Become an advanced PowerPoint user.

Advanced PowerPoint- Course Objectives

This advanced PowerPoint course teaches the user to use high-level features in PowerPoint such as ‘tailoring’ the look of a presentation, including modification of the Slide Masters.  The delegate will complete exercises using tables, organisation charts, speaker’s notes and outlines.  The course covers the skills required for Object Linking & Embedding (OLE) between Word and PowerPoint, importing text outlines and exporting presentations as outlines.


Advanced PowerPoint – Course Contents

Modifying the Slide Master

How changes to the Slide Master affect the entire presentation – a customised approach.

Use of the Ruler

Adjusting indents within paragraphs and setting up/using tab stops.  Adjusting line/paragraph spacing.

Object Linking & Embedding

Linking data between applications for ‘dynamic’ updates.

Tables/Organisation Charts

How to create and edit these charts.

Speaker’s Notes

Creating and editing notes as a presentation aid.

Working with Outlines

Importing (text) outlines into PowerPoint and exporting presentations as outlines.

Video and Audio

Managing video and audio clips in your presentation.

 Customising PPT

Adding to/removing buttons to work more efficiently with the package.


Advanced PowerPoint – Course Details         

This is a one-day intermediate course running from 9:30 am – 4:00 pm. Courses run in Swansea and on-site.


Attendees will gain the maximum benefit if they have attended our Introduction to PowerPoint- Level 1 course or are familiar with creating basic presentations.


This course covers material from the standard International Certificate of Digital Literacy (Module 6) and the Microsoft Office Specialist Core PowerPoint syllabus.


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