After Effects Introduction – Online

The After Effects introduction training course is perfect for those with little to no experience and a great first step into the world of motion graphics and visual effects.

After Effects Introduction Training  – Online Course Objectives

Throughout your two days you’ll begin by understanding the After Effects interface, before getting hands on with animation, layers, effects and more. You’ll leave the course with the experience and know-how to create professional looking motion graphics and visual effects.

  After Effects – Course Contents

Day one – Gaining After Effects motion concepts

User interface and animation

  • What is a project file and what is in it?
  • Tools and panels
  • Creating a composition
  • Importing media into a project

Basic animation

  • Adding layers to a composition
  • Navigating the timeline
  • Transform properties of layers
  • Keyframing layer properties
  • RAM preview

Intermediate animation

  • In-depth keyframe manipulation & interpolation
  • Graph editor
  • Motion sketch/smoother
  • Auto-orient/motion blur
  • Roving keyframes
  • Anchor point/pan behind tool

Layer control

  • Trim-move-stack-split
  • Sequence layers
  • Looping footage
  • Image sequences
  • Frame rate vs time stretch
  • Blending modes
  • Effects and solids
  • Blending modes
  • Layer styles
  • Masks

Day two – Building on acquired knowledge


  • Opacity
  • Masks
  • Shape
  • Feather
  • Expansion
  • Masking with the pen tool
  • Track mattes


  • Effects and presets panel
  • Applying effects to layers
  • Modifying effects using the effects control panel
  • Animating effects
  • Changing order of effects
  • Using adjustment layers

The text tool

  • Using the text tool
  • Animating text
  • Text animation presets

Render order

  • How After Effects puts it together
  • Exporting files
  • Add to render queue
  • Add to Adobe Media Encoder queue

After Effects Introduction- Online Course Details

This is a two-day introductory course running from 9:30 am – 4:30 pm.


To gain the maximum benefit from this course an attendee should have a basic knowledge of Windows and be able to use the mouse.

Online Course

This course is delivered live online. Course delegates will need a reliable internet connection and a PC or laptop with audio and video capability with the relevant software installed for the training.  Delegates see, hear and interact with the tutor.


An Adobe authorised training centre certificate of attendance will be emailed after your training course.

What Next? After Effects advanced

This After Effects advanced training course is the natural next step for those that have previously attended the After Effects introduction course or for those with prior After Effects experience

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