Excel Functions

Developing formulas and functions for calculations you want to make can be complicated.  Excel has an entire library of functions or predefined formulas that you can use.

Excel Functions – Course Objectives

This hands-on, tutor-led Excel Functions course allows the user to explore the vast range of Excel functions and formulas to gain an understanding of how to apply them to their own work.  Formulas can be copied and pasted to different cells and even to different worksheets so users don’t have to recreate the same formula if they want to perform the same operations over several sets of data.

The day commences with a brief review of commands covered in the Introduction to Excel – level 1 course, followed by an in-depth look at the main types of functions available and how to use them effectively.


Excel Functions – Course Contents

Working with Text

Preparing text for mail-merge, removing spaces in text, making text change case. Concatenate, Lower, Upper, Proper, Rept, Trim, Text to Columns.


Can you afford that business loan or new credit card?  Use financial functions to work out repayments. FV, PMT, NPer.


Use logical functions, such as IF, OR, AND, NOT, TRUE, FALSE, and IFERROR, to find out whether certain conditions are true or false.

Date and Time

Use Date and Time functions to create formulas that display a specific date or time, or that calculate the difference between dates. Networkdays, Now, DateDif.

Lookup and Reference

There are multiple Lookup and Reference functions that let you find matching values. Hyperlink, Transpose, Lookups, two list data validation.

Database Functions

DSum, DAverage.


Rand, RandBetween, SumIf.


Use functions to return information about your spreadsheet. Cell, Isblank, IsText.


Excel Functions – Course Details         

This is a one-day Excel Functions intermediate course running from 9:30 am – 4:00 pm. Courses run in Swansea and on-site.


Attendees will gain the maximum benefit if they have attended our Introduction to Excel – level 1 course or are familiar with creating basic spreadsheets and using simple formulas.


Delegates will receive a Computeraid certificate of achievement.

What Next? Excel Level 3

Gain an in-depth knowledge of data analysis, learn how to audit your spreadsheet and use advanced features such as templates and macros.


The more you learn, the more you earn

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