Intermediate Excel – Excel level 2

Improve your spreadsheet skills  to develop more complex workbooks with this Intermediate Excel course.

Intermediate Excel – Course Objectives

This hands-on, tutor-led Intermediate Excel course equips the user with a proficient knowledge of Excel.  Delegates cover a wide range of commands and produce high-quality graphics and documents.  The day commences with a brief review of commands covered in the Introduction to Excel – Level 1 course, followed by an in-depth look at enhancing spreadsheets using multiple worksheets, database capabilities, split screens, other ‘functions’ and advanced charting including pie charts.


Intermediate Excel – Course Contents

General Review

General review of existing knowledge and the commands covered in the Introduction to Excel – level 1 course.

Cell References

Relative and absolute cell references.

Multiple Worksheets

Creating multiple worksheets; moving between sheets; deleting sheets; using 3D formulae; typing, pointing and pasting links.

Advanced Charting

Editing charts; selecting chart elements; using chart options. Working with sparklines


Including the IF and VLOOKUP functions.

Naming Cells

Defining names using the Name box.

Excel as a Database

Including database definition; sorting and filtering data; working with sub-totals.

Pivot Tables

Using Pivot Tables, Slicers and Pivot Charts

Protecting Data

Protecting data and using passwords.

The Excel Environment

Showing split screens and titles.


Intermediate Excel – Course Details         

This is a one-day intermediate course running from 9:30 am – 4:00 pm. Courses run in Swansea and on-site.


Attendees will gain the maximum benefit if they have attended our Introduction to Excel – Level 1 course or are familiar with creating basic spreadsheets and using simple functions.


This course covers material from the standard International Computer Driving Licence (Module 4) and the Microsoft Office Specialist Core Excel syllabus.

What Next? Advanced Excel  – Level 3

Gain an in-depth knowledge of data analysis, learn how to audit your spreadsheet and use advanced features such as templates and macros.


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