Excel Pivot Tables Online

Learn how to use Excel Pivot Tables to calculate, summarise and analyse data so you can see comparisons, patterns and trends in your data. This course is delivered in an online virtual format.

Excel Pivot Tables Online- Course Objectives

This hands-on, tutor-led course equips the user with a proficient knowledge of data analysis focusing on the use of Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts.  Pivot Tables and slicers enable you explore and analyse raw data, revealing powerful insights and trends. Delegates can use Pivot Tables to show various combinations of statistics such as averages across multiple entry types or categories, total amounts for different labels or types, or summaries of the range of values associated with different rows and / or columns.

Pivot charts show this data in an attractive, easy to understand graphical format.


Excel Pivot Tables Online -Course Contents

Getting Started

Entering the raw data for analysis, hints and tips on best practice.

Creating Pivot Tables

Selecting the data, defining the structure of the pivot table.


Table layouts and styles, design and formatting options.

Analysing data

Sorting, filtering and grouping tools.


Working with calculated fields, items and values. Percentages of rows, columns, totals and other fields.

Pivot Charts

What is a pivot chart? Creating a pivot chart, pivot chart rules.  Managing the underlying data. Formatting a pivot chart.


Inserting a slicer, inserting multiple slicers, formatting a slicer, editing a slicer.


Excel Pivot Tables – Course Details         

This is a one-day online Excel Pivot Tables intermediate course running from 9:30 am – 4:00 pm.


Attendees will gain the maximum benefit if they have attended our Level 1 course or are familiar with creating basic spreadsheets and using simple functions.

Online Course

This course is delivered live online. Course delegates will need a reliable internet connection and a PC or laptop with audio and video capability with the relevant software installed for the training.  Delegates see, hear and interact with the tutor.


Delegates receive a Computeraid certificate of achievement

What Next? Excel Level 3

Gain an in-depth knowledge of further data analysis, learn how to audit your spreadsheet and use advanced features such as templates and macros.


The more you learn, the more you earn

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