Introduction to Excel – level 1 – Online

Understand spreadsheet basics and learn best practice from expert tutors on this Introduction to Excel online course. This course is delivered online.

Introduction to Excel – Online Course Objectives

This hands-on, tutor-led Introduction to Excel online course is designed to familiarise the inexperienced user with the basic concepts of Excel and its business uses. Delegates will learn the essentials of building and editing a spreadsheet, identifying different types of data, correcting mistakes and copying and editing formulae. Delegates will learn how to print information in a clear and accessible manner. Attendees will find out how to make a colourful and informative series of charts from their data.


Introduction to Excel  – Online Course Contents

Getting Started

Using the mouse; screen familiarisation and accessing on-line Help.

Spreadsheet Basics

Identification of columns, rows and cells.  Quick ways to move around the screen.

Data Entry

Entering text, numbers, simple formulae and current date and time.  Deleting and editing entries.  Copying information and using AutoFill.

Cell Referencing

Using relative and absolute cell addresses.

Formatting Entries

Use of fonts, bold, underline, patterns, colour and borders.  Use of the AutoFormat feature.  Setting numbers to fixed decimal places.  Adjusting column widths and row heights.  Inserting rows and columns.  Use of the AutoComplete and AutoCalculate features.


Previewing and printing the spreadsheet.


Selecting and charting data and editing standard charts.


Introduction to Excel – Online Course Details

This is a one-day introductory course running from 9:30 am – 4:00 pm.


To gain the maximum benefit from this course an attendee should have a basic knowledge of Windows and be able to use the mouse.

Online Course

This course is delivered live online. Course delegates will need a reliable internet connection and a PC or laptop with audio and video capability with the relevant software installed for the training.  Delegates see, hear and interact with the tutor.


This course covers material from the standard International Certificate of Digital Literacy (Module 4) and the Microsoft Office Specialist Core Excel syllabus.

What Next? Excel Level 2

Learn useful formulas to help you with your work.  Explore the potential of Excel as a database.  Customise the Excel environment to fit your requirements.

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