Introduction to Word – level 1

Understand and practice the basics of word processing on this Introduction to Word course.

Introduction to Word  – Course Objectives

This hands-on, tutor-led Introduction to Word course is designed to familiarise the inexperienced user with the essential concepts of Word.  Learn how to create, save, edit and print simple documents, enhance text and use the text review tools – Spell-check, Grammar Check and Thesaurus.  Understand line, paragraph and page formatting features, such as margins, justification, spacing, typefaces, colour and page numbering.  Master tabs and indentation.


Introduction to Word – Course Contents

Getting Started                                      

The Word document screen: ribbons, toolbars, ruler, task panes, menus and the status bar.

Typing and Editing Text                       

Using the keyboard, word-wrap, correcting mistakes, insert/overtype.

File Management                                  

Saving and retrieving your work.

Changing the View                               

Altering the display area.


Printing your completed document.

Text Enhancements                              

Bold, underline, italics, fonts and sizes, text alignment.


Spell-Check, Thesaurus, Grammar Check.

Editing Documents                               

Deleting text, using the clipboard, cut, copy and paste, drag and drop, multiple documents.

Formatting Features                              

Line and paragraph spacing, page breaks, bullet points, margins, page numbering, paragraph styles, tabs and indentation.


Introduction to Word – Course Details         

This is a one-day Introduction to Word course running from 9:30 am – 4:00 pm. Courses run in Swansea or on-site.


To gain the maximum benefit from this course, an attendee should have a basic knowledge of Windows and be able to use the mouse.


This course covers material from the standard International Computer Driving Licence (Module 3) and the Microsoft Office Specialist Core Word syllabus.

 What Next? Intermediate Word  – Level 2

Learn how to produce professional documents.  Work with columns, pictures and tables.  Understand Mail merge using form letters and labels.


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