Learn about HTML and CSS – the fundamental building blocks of the web.

HTML and CSS- Course Objectives

This course is designed to provide delegates with the fundamental knowledge and skills necessary to build simple web pages. It further serves to provide a platform for further learning both in HTML and CSS, and JavaScript.

Delegates will learn how to build simple web pages that incorporate text elements, hyperlinks, images, tables and (simple) forms. Delegates will also learn about CSS and how to apply basic styling to HTML elements.

This course aims to provide delegates with the skills and knowledge necessary to construct simple web pages that exploit most of the core HTML elements including text elements, hyperlinks, images, tables, and forms. Delegates should also be able to apply basic styling to HTML elements using core CSS selectors and properties. The course is aimed at those who are new to HTML & CSS and who need only know the basics (for now). The course serves as a foundation for further learning and provides just enough for those wishing to learn front-end JavaScript.

HTML and CSS – Course Contents

  • Build and deploy a simple website
  • Mark up text elements
  • Add links and images to a web page
  • Construct composite elements such as lists, tables, and (simple) forms
  • Add CSS to HTML
  • Exploit CSS to change HTML element font, text, colour, size, positioning, etc.

HTML and CSS- Course Details         

This is a one-day company specific course running from 9:30 am – 4:00 pm. Courses run in on-site and online. Please email for further information.


Delegates need only possess basic computing skills – navigate the filesystem, create and edit files and surf the web.


Computeraid certificate of achievement.


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