Oracle PL/SQL

Learn the the skills needed to write stand-alone programs using the main features of Oracle PL/SQL Programming Language.

Oracle PL/SQL- Course Objectives

The Oracle PL/SQL course is designed to introduce Oracle DBAs, software development personnel and database support staff to the primary features and constructs of the PL/SQL Programming Language.   Gain practical hands-on experience by completing guided exercises and examples throughout the course.


Oracle PL/SQL – Course Contents

  • Writing and running PL/SQL programs from SQL*Plus or SQL Developer
  • Declaring and using variables and constants
  • Assigning and manipulating values
  • Using SQL statements within PL/SQL
  • Implementing conditional execution and loop constructs
  • Declaring and using cursors with and without parameters
  • Updating data with cursors
  • Trapping and handling errors and exceptions in code
  • Implementing nested and labelled loops and blocks
  • Raising exceptions
  • Handling PL/SQL records and tables
  • Using PL/SQL table built-in functions

Oracle PL/SQL- Course Details         

This is a two day course running from 9:30 am – 4:00 pm. Courses run on-site and online. Please email for further information.


A working knowledge of SQL*Plus or SQL Developer and Oracle SQL is required along with practical experience in writing SQL statements. This can be obtained by attendance on the pre-requisite course. Some previous programming experience will also prove advantageous. Please attend the Oracle SQL course first.


Certificate of achievement.


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