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Course Overview

The Oracle PL/SQL course is designed to introduce Oracle DBAs, software development personnel and database support staff to the primary features and constructs of the PL/SQL Programming Language.

The delegates will practise:

Writing and running PL/SQL programs from SQL*Plus or SQL Developer
Declaring and using variables and constants
Assigning and manipulating values
Using SQL statements within PL/SQL
Implementing conditional execution and loop constructs
Declaring and using cursors with and without parameters
Updating data with cursors
Trapping and handling errors and exceptions in code
Implementing nested and labelled loops and blocks
Raising exceptions
Handling PL/SQL records and tables
Using PL/SQL table built-in functions

This is a hands-on, tutor-led course running from 10 - 5.
Lunch and refreshments are provided.

This course can be run as a company specific event at your premises.

  • Course Content

    Course Introduction

    Administration and Course Materials
    Course Structure and Agenda
    Delegate and Trainer Introductions


    What is PL/SQL?
    Basic Elements
    Variables and Constants
    Data Types
    Initialising Variables and Assigning Values
    Using SQL Statements in Code
    Generating Output to SQL or SQL Developer

    Session 2: PROGRAM LOGIC

    IF THEN ELSIF ELSE Statements
    CASE Statements
    The Basic Loop Construct
    WHILE and FOR Loops
    Nested and Labelled Loops
    The GOTO Statement
    The CONTINUE Statement

    Session 3: USING CURSORS

    What is a Cursor?
    Implicit and Explicit Cursors
    Cursor Operations
    Declaring, Opening and Closing Cursors
    Fetching Rows
    Status Checking
    Using Cursors FOR UPDATE
    The Cursor FOR Loop
    Parameterised Cursors


    The EXCEPTION Section
    Types of Exception
    Handling Named System-Raised Exceptions
    Handling Un-named System-Raised Exceptions
    User-Declared Exceptions and Application Errors
    Nested and Labelled Blocks
    Propagation of Exceptions
    Scope of Variables and Cursors
    Scope of Goto Statements


    Declaring Record Types
    Handling PL/SQL Records
    Nested Records
    Declaring PL/SQL Index-By Tables or Associative Arrays
    PL/SQL Table Built-in Functions
    Manipulating PL/SQL Tables or Associative Arrays

  • Prerequisites

    This course will benefit Oracle database administrators, software development personnel and database support staff who need to write PL/SQL scripts to enhance their productivity in manipulating data.

    Delegates will require a working knowledge of SQL*Plus or SQL Developer and Oracle SQL is required along with practical experience in writing SQL statements. This can be obtained by attendance on the pre-requisite course. Some previous programming experience will also prove advantageous.

  • Qualification

    Together with the PL/SQL Stored Program Units course, the Oracle PL/SQL course is suitable for delegates intending to sit the #1Z0-147 - Oracle Program with PL/SQL & #1Z0-144 - Oracle Database 11g: Program wih PL/SQL examinations.

    Before taking any exam, ensure you have the recommended experience. The Oracle website lists all exam requirements and these are updated regularly.

    Exams are not included as part of the course.

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