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Course Overview

This is an introductory course for anyone new to the Illustrator environment, or those who have not had formal training. You will produce an exciting graphic project using both the classic features and the new and improved tools in Illustrator, and will leave this class with the ability to create and incorporate vector graphics for different projects.

What you will learn
Draw and understand Bézier curves
The root of drawing in Illustrator
Create a logo using simple shapes
Accurately place and measure objects in the Illustration window
Trace and colour your hand drawn artwork with Live Trace
Live Paint and Live Colour
Save illustrations for both print and web purposes

This is a two-day course running from 10am - 5pm.
Training is hands-on and tutor-led.
We provide a comprehensive training manual, lunch and certification.
Scheduled training takes place in Cardiff.

This course can be run as a company specific event at your premises.

  • Course Content

    Let's get started

    Understanding vector graphics
    A run through of the Tools panel
    Navigating your artwork
    The dark vs. the light interface
    Zooming and panning your artboards
    Scrolling (or panning) a document
    Working with multiple documents
    Panels and workspaces
    Cycling through screen modes
    Setting preferences
    Exploring the panels
    Working with the Control panel
    Creating and saving workspaces

    The Adobe Illustrator environment

    Creating new documents for print or web
    Managing a custom workspace
    Navigation and scroll shortcuts
    Outline’ and ‘preview’ modes
    Using grids and guidelines
    Using ‘smart guides’
    Working with colour
    Using the ‘swatches’ and ‘colour’ windows
    Understanding ‘stroke’ and ‘fill’ attributes
    Creating a new document
    Advanced document controls
    Modifying your document
    Saving changes

    Working with Documents

    Creating files for print
    Creating files for the web
    Managing multiple documents
    Navigating within a document
    Using rulers, guides, and grids
    Changing units of measurement
    Using preview modes
    Creating and using custom views
    Locking and hiding artwork

    Working with Artboards

    Working with different page sizes
    Re-sizing and Modifying artboards
    Creating new artboards and copying artboards
    The Artboard panel

    Understanding the Layers panel

    Visibility and Locking
    Selecting via the layers panel
    Deleting layers
    Grouping and naming layers
    Changing the stacking order
    Moving objects from one layer to another
    Copying objects from one layer to another
    Adjusting layer previews

    Working with Colour

    RGB vs. CMYK
    Adjusting Illustrator colour settings
    Process or global swatches
    Basics of the Colour Guide panel
    The Colour panel

    Selecting and Transforming Objects

    Setting your selection preferences
    Using the Direct Selection and Group Selection tools
    Using the Magic Wand tool
    Using the Lasso tool
    Selecting objects by attribute
    Grouping objects
    Using isolation mode
    Resizing your artwork
    Rotating objects
    Distorting and transforming objects
    Repeating transformations
    Reflecting and skewing objects
    Aligning and distributing and spacing objects

    Working with Paths and the Pen tool

    Understanding paths
    Understanding anchor points
    Drawing straight segments
    Adding curvature
    Working with open and closed paths
    Joining and averaging paths
    Using the Scissors tool and the Knife tool

    Working with Line Art

    Understanding Basic Appearance
    The line tools
    The Shape tools
    Creating custom guides
    A Smart Guide introduction
    Adjusting control handles
    Selecting Same
    Basic colouring
    Rotating, and stacking

    Drawing Simple Line Art

    Draw a logo utilising all the Line and Shape tools
    Using the Ellipse tool
    Working better with Smart Guides
    Drawing a multi-point star
    Adding and aligning a centre point
    Drawing rounded rectangles
    Reflecting across an axis
    Scaling and copying with the Scale tool
    Reflecting and copying with the Reflect tool
    Rotating and copying with the Rotate tool
    Modifying the constraint axes
    Dragging and copying
    Preview and Outline views

    Painting Freeform Shapes

    Painting closed path outlines
    Erasing and painting selected paths
    Keyboard shortcuts
    Painting in the Outline mode
    Using the Shape Builder tool
    Subtracting with the Shape Builder
    Working in the Group Isolation mode

    Working with Type

    Working with Point Type
    Working with Area type
    Placing and flowing text
    Selecting type and choosing fonts
    Adjusting type size
    Tracking and Kerning
    First Line indents
    Paragraph spacing
    Saving time with keyboard shortcuts

    Adjusting Appearance

    Exploring the Appearance panel
    Explaining attribute stacking order
    Applying multiple fills
    Applying multiple strokes
    Adjusting appearance with live effects
    Saving appearances as graphic style

    Working with Symbols

    What are symbols?
    Using the symbols libraries
    Using the Symbol Sprayer tool
    Creating new symbols
    Breaking the symbol link
    Redefining symbols

    Working with Type

    Creating a grid with guides
    Working with Point Type
    Working with Area type
    Creating threaded text
    Selecting type and choosing fonts
    Adjusting type size
    Tracking and Kerning
    First Line indents
    Paragraph spacing
    Saving time with keyboard shortcuts

    Working with Images

    Placing images into Illustrator
    Working with the Links panel
    Embedding images into Illustrator
    Cropping images with a mask
    Exploring the Image Trace panel

    Drawing in Perspective

    Defining a grid
    Drawing and applying artwork in the grid

    Saving, Printing and Exporting

    Saving to legacy formats
    Saving Templates
    Saving for the web
    Creating bitmap images
    Using Illustrator files in InDesign and Photoshop
    Creating PDF files

  • Prerequisites

    Basic knowledge of Windows or Macintosh.
    Understand how to launch an application and save files.
    For web courses you will need to have knowledge of web browsers.
    You do not require any previous Illustrator experience.

  • Qualification

    Every course comes with an Adobe Authorised completion certificate. This is either for the specific application (e.g. Acrobat, Flash, InDesign, Photoshop) or for a Masterclass, which might contain multiple applications.

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