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Course Overview

Imagine being able to begin to master this powerful toolbox to your advantage by producing professional qualify images for web, print and mobile devices.

You will learn to use layers, and to apply layer effects and filters to create special effects, including lighting and texture effects. Additionally, you will use painting tools and blending modes to create shading effects, and will perform adjustments to contrast and colour balance. All this after just 2 days training.

This is a two-day course running from 10am - 5pm.
Training is hands-on and tutor-led.
We provide a comprehensive training manual, lunch and certification.

This course can be run as a company specific event at your premises.

  • Course Content


    What does Photoshop do?

    Setting up and getting around the interface

    Let's get familar with the Tools panel
    Run through of the Tools panel
    Switching tools using the keyboard
    Dark or Light Interface
    Navigating your image
    Navigating tabs and windows
    Panels and workspaces
    Zooming in and zooming out
    Entering a custom zoom value
    Scrolling and panning images
    Rotating the view
    Working with tabbed documents
    Arranging documents
    Cycling between screen modes
    Using the Navigator panel
    Switching tools using the keyboard
    Customizing the keyboard shortcuts

    Opening and Setting up a document

    Opening from files from Windows and Mac
    Opening from Photoshop or Bridge
    Opening an image from Bridge
    An overview of Bridge
    Opening an image from Mini Bridge
    Closing images

    Digital imaging fundamentals

    Image size and resolution
    The Image Size command
    Resolution standards
    Upsampling and what happens when you do
    Changing the print size
    Downsampling for print and web
    The interpolation algorithms
    Best practices

    Crop and Straighten

    The new and improved Crop tool
    Straightening a crooked image
    Using Content Aware Fill
    Using the Perspective Crop tool
    Automatically Cropping and Straightening scanned images
    The Rule of Thirds

    Extending Images

    Creating a border around your image
    Extending the canvas
    Using Content Aware Extend
    Using Content Aware Fill
    Using Content Aware Scale

    Adjusting Image Luminance

    Let there be Luminace
    The Auto commands
    The Levels command
    Working non-destructively with adjustment layers
    Editing adjustment layers
    Isolating an adjustment with a layer mask
    Hello to the histogram
    Basics of the Shadows/Highlights command

    Adjusting Colours

    Assessing an image
    Identifying a colour cast
    Correcting a colour cast automatically
    Changing the colour balance using levels
    Changing the colour balance using Colour Balance
    Compensating with Photo Filter
    Adjusting colour intensity with Vibrance
    The Hue/Saturation command
    Using the Replace Colour command

    The Undo and the History Panel

    Utilising the History Panel
    Creating a Snapshot
    Creating a new Document from a History State


    What are selections and why we use them?
    The Marquee tools
    Getting to know the Lasso tools
    Magic Wand and Quick Mask tools
    Adding to and subracting from Selections
    Feathering a selection
    Making it better with Refine Edge
    Modifying Selections
    Saving and Loading Selections
    Meet the Channels Panel


    Understanding what a mask is and does
    Working with Layer Masks

    Basic Retouching

    Content-Aware Fill
    Content Aware Move
    Using the Spot Healing Brush
    Using the Healing Brush
    Using the Patch Tool
    The ‘good old‘ Clone Stamp tool
    Meet the Clone Source panel
    The Dodge and Burn tools
    Adjusting colour with the Brush tool
    Smoothing skin textures
    Brightening teeth
    Intensifying eyes
    Tips and Tricks

    The Basics of Layers

    The Background layer
    Using a layer mask instead of deleting pixels
    Naming, hiding, creating, and deleting layers
    Altering the stacking order of layers
    Layer transformations
    Aligning and distributing layers
    Changing the opacity of layers
    Grouping layers
    Merge or rasterise layers
    Flatten or Save As?
    Best Practises

    Basic Brushes

    An overview of brushes and the Brushes panel
    Brush size and hardness
    Brush shortcuts

    Working with Colour

    The Swatches Panel
    The Colour Picker
    Using the Eyedropper Tool to sample colour
    Creating simple gradients

    Simple compositing

    The various options for copying and pasting
    Dragging and dropping
    Placing an image
    Smart Objects and why when to use them
    The Transformation commands
    Using and setting up Guides

    Saving Your Work

    Saving layers to PSD
    Saving images to TIFF
    File Formats and which to use
    Best practises
    Using the Save For Web utility
    The Colour Modes explained

    Combining Multiple Images

    Auto Align
    Auto Blend
    Creating panoramas with Photomerge

  • Prerequisites

    This class is for all levels of Photoshop users, for those who are completely new to the application through to seasoned users, who may wish to take this class to rid themselves of those bad Photoshop habits. You do not require any previous Photoshop skills.

  • Qualification

    Every course comes with an Adobe Authorised completion certificate. This is either for the specific application (e.g. Acrobat, Flash, InDesign, Photoshop) or for a Masterclass, which might contain multiple applications.

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