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Social media has grown to become an important part of business, particularly in relation to marketing activities. The speed at which technology advances is getting faster. Businesses need to be aware of the technology that is available to them, and how it might influence their sales, costs and marketing.

Any form of electronic communication that enables users to share ideas, content, information and messages can be described as social media. There are many different platforms available, with Facebook, Instagram and Twitter among the most well known.  You may wish to publicise organisation by creating a website with WordPress, using targeted emailshots with MailChimp, advertising with Google Ads and making sure people can find your website in search engines. (Search Engine Optimisation – SEO).

Computeraid runs a number of bespoke courses designed to help businesses navigate the world of social media. Email [email protected] for details about how we can help you on your social media journey.

Introduction to Social Media for Business

Don’t know your hashtag from your hyperlink. Become a social media success!

This course is designed for members of businesses who will be taking on a social media role but who are unsure of how to use social media in a business context, what is possible with social media and how to proceed with using social media for the business.

 Make an Impact with Social Media Profiles

Frightened of Facebook? At a loss with LinkedIn? Terrified of Twitter? Become a social media success!

This course is designed for those who have been given the responsibility of running a Social Media campaign for a business and feel they need to gain a better understanding of Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

 Blogging and Marketing with MailChimp and WordPress

Wondering about websites? Beginning to blog? Managing mailings? Become a social media success!

This course is designed for members of an organisation are involved in marketing, website design and blogging to promote their business. This course focuses on WordPress and MailChimp.

Please note this is not a web developer’s course. It is very much for someone trying to get to gain a good understanding of how to create and update a WordPress website and develop an email-shot strategy.

Getting to Grips with Google – Adwords and Analytics

Get to Grips with Google. Design and Evaluate Your Pay Per Click Advertising Campaign

This course is intended to provide a solid foundation on which to build online marketing campaigns based on the Google AdWords system and analysing their effectiveness with Google Analytics. Google Analytics is a free service offered by Google that generates detailed statistics about a website’s traffic and traffic sources, measuring conversions and sales.

Google Analytics can give you insights into how visitors use your site, how they arrived on your site and how you can keep them coming back. This course shows you how to implement Google Analytics to monitor the effectiveness of your online presence.

 Introduction to Search Engine Optimisation

Learn how to optimise your website to suit your users’ needs, rank highly on search engines and increase relevant traffic and sales conversions.

This course aims to outline the basic concepts of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Search Engine Optimisation is the process of gaining visibility and improving search engine results to attract visitors and business to your web site and is a valuable tool in any digital marketing strategy.

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