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Course Overview

Photoshop Advanced is for those who want to take their Photoshop skills to the next level. Alpha channels, professional retouching techniques, nondestructive filtering and more will be covered. In addition, we will cover the new features of Photoshop such as Device Central, Zoomify, Refine Edge and more.

What you will learn
Producing advanced face retouching
Manipulation techniques
Use colour effectively
Maximise the potential of Brush engine
Work with advanced compositions
Automating a Photoshop workflow

This is a two-day course running from 10am - 5pm.
Training is hands-on and tutor-led.
We provide a comprehensive training manual, lunch and certification.

This course can be run as a company specific event at your premises.

  • Course Content


    Adjusting preferences
    Creating keyboard shortcuts
    Using the HUD colour picker
    The interface and performance settings

    Working smarter with Bridge

    Opening and organising files
    Viewing, choosing and assessing images
    Adding Metadata and Keywords
    Working with Batches and Actions
    Mini Bridge


    Working on a actual retouching projects, non-destructively Using the Content-Aware Move tool
    Using Content-Aware Extend
    The Content-Aware Scale command
    Scaling tips
    Working with all the Liquify tools
    Improve body shapeand detail

    Adjusting Levels and Curves

    Editing the histogram
    The new automatic Levels adjustment
    Customizing a Levels adjustment
    Understanding the Gamma value
    Making channel-by-channel adjustments
    Simulating a Grey Card
    The Curves adjustment
    Adding and editing points on a curve
    Selecting and darkening highlights
    Automatic Curves function
    Colour adjustment by the numbers
    Tips and tricks


    Working non-destructively with Shadows/Highlights
    Introducing Shadows/Highlights
    The Radius values explained
    Enhancing the effects of Midtone Contrast
    Masking a group of Smart Filters

    Working with Type

    Creating point text
    Choosing fonts and type style tricks
    A run through of the Character and Paragraph panels
    Kerning and tracking characters
    Creating and editing area text
    Selecting and formatting paragraphs
    Using Paragraph Styles
    Using Character Styles
    Setting text inside a custom path
    Creating text along a path
    Masking text into image elements
    Anti-aliasing explained

    Working with Shape Layers

    The other vector-based layer
    Drawing a dashed or dotted border
    Drawing and aligning custom shapes
    Combining simple shapes
    Cropping and merging shapes

    Layer Effects

    Depth, contour, and texture
    Imparting depth with a layer effect
    Creating shadows
    Bevel and Emboss
    Modifying a layer’s effects
    Saving custom default settings
    Creating a custom contour
    Global Light and rasterizing effects
    Surface contour
    Adding textures

    Using Layers

    The Layers panel stripped down
    Adding, scaling, and aligning layers
    Dragging and dropping layers
    Stack, reveal, and rename
    Opacity, history, and blend mode
    Duplicating a selected portion of a layer
    Applying a clipping mask
    Creating a new layer and background
    Layering tips and tricks
    Filtering layers

    Creating a Layered Composition

    Selecting objects to create a montage
    Stack, reveal, and rename
    Adding, transforming and aligning images
    Dragging and dropping layers
    Opacity, and blend mode
    Adjusting the colour of layered mages
    Locking Layers
    Painting on Layers
    Working with groups
    Duplicating a selected portion of a layer
    Applying a clipping mask
    Creating a new background
    Layering tips and tricks

    Layer Styles

    Applying and creating Layer Styles
    Loading and customizing Layer Styles
    Merging and saving Layer Styles
    Copying Layer Styles

    Scale, Rotate, Skew, and Warp

    Meet the transformations
    Transformation and Smart Objects
    Rotating a layer with Free Transform
    Scale, duplicate, repeat, distort, perspective, and skew

    Working with Greyscale and Black & White

    Convert to black and white
    Several ways to convert to greyscale
    Mixing a custom black-and-white image
    The Black & White command
    Customizing the Black & White settings
    Black & White or Channel Mixer
    Creating a sepia tone

    Selections and Masking

    The Marquee tools
    Getting to know the Lasso tools
    Magic Wand and Quick Mask tools
    Adding to and subracting from Selections
    Feathering a selection
    Refine Edge and Refine Mask
    Working with the Mask panel
    Modifying Selections
    Saving and Loading Selections

    Selecting with the Colour Range command

    Selecting Skin Tones
    Selecting a complex image with Colour Range
    Refining a selection in the Quick Mask mode
    Viewing a mask with or without its image
    Painting directly inside an alpha channel
    Correcting fringes around a masked layer
    Turning a layer into a knockout

    Sharpening Details

    What is sharpening and how it works?
    Understanding the Smart Sharpen filter
    Understanding the Unsharp Mask filter
    Assessing the best sharpening practises
    Sharpening with High Pass
    Sharpening using Smart Filters

    Noise and Detail

    The Noise/Details balancing act
    Introducing the Reduce Noise filter
    Correcting with High Pass
    Brushing away blur and sharpening
    Creating texture by adding noise
    Correcting noise in Camera Raw

    Saving for the Web

    Producing a suitable JPEG image
    Producing a suitable GIF image
    Working with Matte options
    Working with colours to reduce file size
    PNG and PNG

    Printing and Outputting

    The main print options
    Description and printing marks
    Applying bleed
    The Colour Settings
    Other printing options
    Previewing an image at print size
    Creating contact sheets
    Creating a web gallery

    Colour Settings

    Overview of Colour management
    Configuring Colour settings
    Soft proofing

  • Prerequisites

    You should have completed the Adobe Photoshop Introduction course or have relevant experience.

  • Qualification

    Every course comes with an Adobe Authorised completion certificate. This is either for the specific application (e.g. Acrobat, Flash, InDesign, Photoshop) or for a Masterclass, which might contain multiple applications.

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